The Community Engagement Inventory was compiled and produced by the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore Community Affairs Office, a part of the Office of Government and Community Affairs (GCA). If you have questions about the Community Engagement Inventory or if you need help adding or updating a program in the Community Engagement Inventory, please email:

The Office of Government and Community Affairs works to build and strengthen Johns Hopkins' relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders whose interest and support are vital to the mission of Johns Hopkins. GCA staff members serve both the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System by representing and coordinating the efforts of both institutions at the federal, state, and local levels and in surrounding communities.

The East Baltimore Community Affairs Office represents the multi-institutional East Baltimore campus in planning, implementing and coordinating comprehensive approaches to community issues. The Office interfaces with a broad range of nonprofits and local community organizations to support initiatives to improve health, education, housing, public safety, employment, and economic development within the East Baltimore community. The Office also plays a supporting role in a wide variety of community and economic development projects, all with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life in East Baltimore.