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Dr. Kelly Gebo, Co-PI
Professor of Medicine
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Goals of the HIV Research Network

  1. To obtain timely data on the delivery of services to people with HIV infection because quickly occurring therapeutic advances, the shifting epidemiology of HIV infection, and the rapid diffusion of managed care are having a major effect on patterns of health care resource utilization for HIV disease.

  2. To analyze timely and relevant HIV patient data that will constitute an essential planning and assessment resource improving the quality of HIV care delivered to person with HIV disease.

  3. To widely disseminate data on the delivery of HIV-care in the U.S. that are timely, robust and are proving to be of unique in its importance for addressing issues of HIV care, financing and safety that are relevant to policy makers, payers, providers and patients.
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Recently Published Papers:
-Anne Monroe: "Factors Associated with Gaps in Medicaid Enrollment Among People with HIV and the Effect of Gaps on Viral Suppression" at JAIDS (August 2018)
-Chelsea Canan: "High-Risk Prescription Opioid Use Among People Living with HIV" at JAIDS (July 2018) 

In the News:

Media Briefing to Announce Ongoing Need for Ryan White Programs from Johns Hopkins Medicine News (June 2016)
Media Briefing to Announce First-Ever Liver Transplant from HIV Positive Donor from
Johns Hopkins Medicine News (March 2016)