Virtual Meeting Rooms

Virtual meeting rooms can be set up to allow 24/7 access with no scheduling required. These rooms also provide dial-in video for IP/ISDN or phone calls with up to 15 participant connections per meeting and also include content sharing.


Video Virtual Meeting Rooms – (No scheduling required, Inbound calling only) - $167.67 per month.

Includes 24/7 access availability for dial-in IP/ISDN or phone calls with up to 15 video or audio participant connections per meeting. Live call and content sharing support for connection issues available during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30-5pm). After hours support can be reached at 443-240-3945. All network outages will be handled using the current help desk priority system.

Please note that only one call can occur in a meeting room at a time - concurrent calls are not permitted.