Polycom Vidiquette

Below you will find videos produced by Polycom with simple tips for better videoconferencing, what they have termed "vidiquette". These videos are part of a series hosted by Polly Calm called "Don't be a Vidiot!" and provide quick and simple tips to enhance your videoconferencing experience in a fun and quirky way.

You can find all of these videos on our internal content portal, Polycom MediaSuite, at the following link: Don't be a Vidiot!. You will need to login with your JHED Credentials: win\JHED and your password. A list of episodes and individual links to each video can be found below.

  • Episode 1: No Stripes, No Checks, No Service
  • Episode 2: We see your Nosehairs
  • Episode 3: Background Snacking
  • Episode 4: Did you learn nothing in college?
  • Episode 5: This is not witness protection
  • Episode 6: TMI
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