Standard Operationg Procedures (SOP) for ISVC

This SOP has been developed to provide personnel with the policies, procedures, and scheduling processes for videoconferences on the JH VCUC bridges.
Following these procedures will help avoid video problems, scheduling conflicts, and ensure your meetings are properly supported. These procedures have been initiated so the Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) & Technical Support Team (TST) can provide better customer service to you and your participating sites. All forms, procedures, and documents can be found @ Upon completion and submission of a request or certification form, you will receive confirmation from the VNOC once your form is received and reviewed.

Video Site Certification

Certification of all None JH video sites is recommended if the site is participating in a call on the VCUC Bridges. This process includes completing a site profile and coordinating the testing of the circuits and video equipment with the VNOC Team. If your site/room has not been certified, three business days advanced notice is needed to complete a certification. (The certification process only needs to be done once each year, as long as the video equipment, site location, or circuits do not change.) We do our best to work with each site. If less than three business day’s notice is given, we cannot guarantee that the site will be certified. If this does occur, and a connection problem is encountered the day of the call we will provide the uncertified site with an audio port so the participant can still participate in the call. You can certify or register a VTC endpoint by going to

Video Conferencing Request Form

The video reservation request form provides the VNOC with all information necessary to schedule a videoconference. All conference rooms should be reserved prior to filling out this form. The VNOC will need to know the date of the conference; start and end time; name and telephone number of the meeting Point Of Contact (POC); the host of the meeting and cost center. Additionally, conference rooms should be booked 30 minutes prior to the meeting start time, to allow time for a video and audio check to be performed prior to the start of the meeting.

How to Schedule a Videoconference

  • Reserve all conference rooms participating in the videoconference.
  • Submit a completed videoconferencing request form to the VNOC by going to
  • All calls must be scheduled M-F, 8:30-5pm to allow time for the call to be loaded into the bridge. A minimum of 24hrs notice is asked for conferences with pre-certified sites. 72hrs notice is asked for conferences with sites that need to be certified.

Point to Point Conferences

Point-to-Point conferences are normally not scheduled with the VNOC. Since a point-to-point conference consists of two sites, one site can directly dial the other site usually without a bridge or Multipoint conferencing unit (MCU). The exceptions to this rule are calls requiring audio participants or ISDN connections with must go over the bridge as a gateway.

Videoconferencing Confirmation

The VNOC will:

  • Confirm receipt of the videoconferencing request form with the meeting POC.
  • Schedule the videoconference on our calendar and file the form.
  • Reserve ports on the ISVC Bridge for the call.
Live support for the call is avaible M-F between 8:30-5pm should you have problem during you meeting. Call out site of normal business hours will be support ad escalated by way of the JHU help desk.

Cancellation of Meetings

All cancellations should be forwarded to the VNOC by email as soon as possible.

For questions you may contact the VNOC by email at or call 667-208-6100 M-F, 8:30-5:00 pm.