Secure Video Telemedicine at Johns Hopkins

Polycom is the preferred approach for Telemedicine patient-facing and consultative programs here at Johns Hopkins. Over the last two years Hopkins has worked to build a highly scalable conferencing and communications infrastructure that makes the technology redundant, reliable and transparent for the healthcare environment and HIPAA compliant. Built upon our redundant Polycom infrastructure of bridges, gateways, room systems and desktop & browser based video clients, the technology enables us to deliver consistent high quality video, audio, and content across virtually any IP network and user device. Over the last two years doctors have been using video in the ORs for teaching, sharing insight and techniques, consults and second opinions. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and how we can help please contact Guy Welty, Manager of Integration Services Video & Collaboration @ Johns Hopkins University & Medicine @ or 667-208-6111.

Below you will find PDF documents authorizing the Polycom Environment for HIPAA compliance as well as a Polycom Document outlining HIPAA Considerations for Unified Communications, once opened, you will be able to download the file:

HIPAA Polycom Authorization Document

HIPAA Considerations for Unified Communications - Polycom