JH Endpoint and Infrastructure Service Support Agreement with Polycom Elite Extended Replacement Warranty

Effective July 2017, all support contracts will be billed as a monthly fee and be perpetual until systems are decommissioned and removed from service. All billing will now be automated and sent by Telecom. Your current charge-back cost center information will be used for monthly billing effective July 1st 2017. Total annual charges have not changed but are being divided into 12 monthly payments. You can find them here: https://cds.johnshopkins.edu/ISVC/video_conf/new_billing_model.html.

Systems with a current Break/Fix agreement will continue with the same coverage and cost.

If you do not want your current cost center (on file) used for all future monthly charges you must notify me before May 10th.

Systems without active support agreements will no longer have access to the Johns Hopkins Polycom infrastructure after June 30th2017. Systems that have a lapse in coverage will be charge a $1,000 per system recertification fee by Polycom in addition to their monthly support cost.

Services provided under this agreement:

  1. a. Endpoint testing to check and certify endpoint connectivity to the JHU infrastructure, JHU network registration for global directory, RPRMs, DMAs, RMXs, RPADs, WebSuite, testing of content sharing, endpoint monitoring.
  2. b. Live bridged call support, remote testing, trouble-shooting, call monitoring and configuration of endpoints during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30-5pm).
  3. c. 24/7 access to a loopback testing room, testing of all external endpoint participants, unlimited scheduled multipoint bridge calls with up to 20 participants per call using our online request form, and up to 10 WebSuite web browser based connections per schedule meeting. (Requests processed M-F, 8:30-5pm).
  4. d. Secure gateway access for call outside the Johns Hopkins network. The gateway provides firewall proxy for network and endpoint protection.
  5. e. Next day replacement of failed video endpoints, software upgrades, and tier III Polycom engineering support coordinated by JHU/Integration Services as needed. All corrective actions will be taken on a best effort basis.
Optional AV Break-Fix support agreement for rooms in the Baltimore & DC areas with current AV equipment and no longer under integrator support. This program will cover the labor for an AV technician to test, remove, and reinstall failed AV hardware in your room. Hardware replacement would be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. For hardware that is no longer under a manufacturer’s warranty, a quote will be supplied for the repair or replacement cost of the hardware. This program provides for unlimited visits to your site M-F between 8-5pm. The program does not cover room upgrades, renovations, or enhancements but these services are available at a discounted rate if needed

International service/rate customers should contact the ISVC at vtc@jhu.edu.

Endpoint Support Registration Form: