Polycom Multipoint Bridging

Polycom Multi Point Video Conferencing solutions are designed to deliver the highest quality multipoint conferencing experience while making the underlying technology transparent. Designed to be simple to use and manage, Polycom Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) raise the bar with innovative features like on demand conferencing, high definition (HD) audio and video, and easy content sharing between attendees. With support for advanced open architectures and robust security features like user authentication and tiered access levels, Polycom conference platforms provide long-term investment protection and a rational migration path to the future.
Conferences need to be scheduled through the support team using this form.


A la-carte Bridge & WebSuite Calls

Includes dial out access for video calls or audio participant connections, content sharing, and call support. Testing of all external endpoint participants (3 business day notice is required). $1.50 per minute/per site.

(ISDN video or audio dial-out rates are based on minute usage and telecom carrier charges by country).

Live call support for connection issues available during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30-5pm) at 667-208-6100, after hour support can be reached at 443-240-3945. All network outages will be handled using the current help desk priority system.