Adding Favorites on Polycom RealPresence Desktop


Open your Polycom RealPresence Desktop client. The default sidebar when you open the client displays the dialpad, above that you will see five icons. Click on the center icon: for the Contacts Tab:

In the Contacts window you will see dropdowns for Frequently Used and Favorites. Frequently used contacts are automatically populated by the client based while Favorites can be manually added. Click on the icon in the top right to add a favorite.

There are two steps to adding a favorite contact, the first step, pictured below, will be the window you see after clicking on Add a Favorite. Fill in the Last Name field with the name of the VMR you are adding, populate the First Name field with the VMR number. Populate the Title field with “Johns Hopkins” and the Location field with “East Baltimore”, you can leave the Department, Phone, and email fields blank. Click on “Add Device”.

After clicking “Add Device” you will be presented with more fields to fill in, pictured below:

For Device Name you can enter the name of the room you are adding or an abbreviated version. Since we are adding a Virtual Meeting Room in this case, you do not need to change Device Type and can keep it on the default value of “Desktop”. Leave IP Address and H.323 Extension fields blank. In the field for H.323 Alias enter the number of the Virtual Meeting Room. In the field for SIP URI enter the same number but with at the end (Example: VMR Number is 3099999 the SIP URI would be See picture below for a fully filled out example.

Once the H.323 and SIP URI fields are populated a button to Save will appear. Click Save. After clicking on Save you will be taken back to the first step window again with an added option to edit the device you have just added:

Click “Save” again. The newly added Favorite will now show up under the Contacts tab:

To call a favorite, simply click on it to be given the option to Call the room:

Should you have any questions/concerns or issues, please feel free to contact the Johns Hopkins video conferencing support team via email at or by phone at 667.208.6100 (M-F 8:30AM-5PM) or 443-240-3945 (After hours).