Streaming and Recording

With all video and audio conferences hosted on our bridges, comes the ability to record them and live stream them using various methods. This is an additional cost and the resulting recorded file can be hosted on our central media storage server (at additional quarterly cost) or sent directly to you.


Use the links below to find out about rates, and view the agreements for recording, streaming and VOD.

Streaming and Recording

Please note that all imaging and recording at a Johns Hopkins Health System property and in any clinical space must be approved by (IROC) the “Imaging and Recording Oversight Committee”. For detail about IROC and the approval process please click this link .

Streaming technologies enable viewers to experience audio and video over the World Wide Web. The viewer needs a player, which normally is a plug-in that comes bundled with a web browser, such as QuickTime, Windows Media or RealVideo, or it can be downloaded directly from those sites and installed on your computer. In the early days of the web, audio and video files were downloaded onto your hard drive and then viewed once the entire file rested on your computer. With streaming, the file is not downloaded, and you cannot save it or make a copy of it.


The Mediasite product captures audio, video, and slides in an easy to publish streaming media format, both live and on-demand. The content can be distributed on the server or published to a CD. The media is presented in a player that works across browser types and requires no plug-ins. Enterprise Integration Video and Collaboration Services supports this server.

Polycom Media Suite

Polycom Media Suite is an enterprise recording, webcasting, and portal solution that allows you to leverage your existing Polycom equipment to record, broadcast, and manage high quality video, audio, and content. A streamlined web portal allows for easy and quick scheduling of live and on-demand content, privacy settings, Q&A integration, editing, and content upload & download. Browser based playback allows for viewing on all platforms and mobile devices, inside and outside the Hopkins network. This service is fully supported by the Integration Services Video Collaboration team, for more details on the services included as well as rates, please click here.

Central Streaming Media Storage

A central storage server was developed and implemented for VOD. Each department or group participating pays a set fee for each year of storage space of their streaming media files that can be accessed through our streaming media services internally or external. For more information please contact