Enterprise Voice

Enterprise voice uses Microsoft Skype For Business (Lync). If you don't have a Lync account, one will be set up for you when we set up the Enterprise Voice account.

Enterprise Voice Resources

To sign up for an Enterprise Voice account, cancel an existing Enterprise Voice account, or purchase an audio bridge, use the links below and sign in with your JHED credentials. Please allow 3 days time for all transactions.

Enterprise Voice

Enterprise voice uses VoIP, or Voice over IP. VoIP uses the network to transmit calls rather than traditional phone lines and is an alternative to traditional PBX phones, providing advanced features such as:

  • Simultaneous ring and forwarding features
  • Unified Messaging with Exchange allows retrieval of voice and Speech-To-Text message directly from Outlook client
  • Device Transfer features allows active calls to be transferred from phone to mobile to PC or any combination
  • Soft phone feature allows any device/PC that can run Lync 2013 client to operate as a phone
  • $16/month cost includes voicemail and long distance

Audio Only Polycom Conferencing Bridge

Our internal conferencing bridge service provides high quality multipoint audio conferencing with unlimited monthly usage for a flat rate. DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) commands allow hosts and participants to better manage their call experience - participants can mute and unmute as well as increase or decrease their listening and broadcasting volumes; hosts have even more options including muting all participants but themselves and securing the conference from any additional participants. Additional information including rates can be found here.