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Office of the Dean

Andrews, David DEAN School of Education
Ferguson, William Director, Reform Initiatives
Galloway, Erin Chief of Staff
Miller, Paul Academic Program Manager
Stanson, April Executive Assistant
Sweek, Elsa Research Assistant
Tiggle, Danielle Administrative Coordinator
Administrative Services

Arias, Carlos Academic Services Specialist
Chambers, Monette Financial Aid Coordinator
Dahle, Gary Campus Police Officer
Ferguson, Damon Sr. Technical Support Analyst
Flynn, Margaret Associate Registrar
Garza, Roderick Software Engineer
Hinson, Adrian Academic Services Specialist
Hornberger, Jeremy Academic Services Specialist
Hudson, Monica Academic Services Specialist
Kostik, Dawn Academic Services Specialist
Kunz, Gina Bilingual Education Programs
Mills, Bryan Sr. Technical Support Analyst
Morgan, Paul Associate Professor
Murphy, Ian LAN Administrative Supervisor
Murphy, Sherron Director, Weinberg Early Childhood Center
Pair, Barbara Campus Police Officer
Reiss, Timothy LAN Administrator III
Scarborough, Sabrina Campus Operations Manager
Walker, Edward Technical Support Analyst
Williams, Aristea Director Financial Aid
Yarborough, Edward Sr. Technical Support Analyst
Yocum, Virginia Academic Services Specialist
Office of Academic Affairs

Abel, Yolanda Assistant Professor
Beaty-O'Ferrall, Mary Ellen Associate Professor
Boyle, Elizabeth Business Project Coordinator
Bryant, Camille Associate Professor
Carran, Deborah PROFESSOR
Day-Vines, Norma PROFESSOR
Debettencourt, Laurie Professor
Desimone, Mary Joan Assistant Professor
Eddinger, Jennifer Student Career Counselor
Eith, Christine Assistant Professor
Erkert, Kathleen Academic Program Coordinator
Flora, Susan Program Administrator
Fremuth, Gabriel Video Production Assistant
Gonzalez, Ileana Assistant Professor
Hardiman, Mariale Professor/Vice Dean of Academic Affairs
Harnett, Christina Associate Professor
Hendricks, Mary Program Administrator
Holcomb-McCoy, Cheryl Professor/ Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs
Jeon, Lieny Assistant Professor
Johnbull, Ranjini Visiting Assistant Professor
Karp, Karen Visiting Professor
Kerwin, Jean Academic Program Administrator
Lee, Vivian Associate Professor
Low, Rebekah Academic Program Coordinator
Marder, Tamara Assistant Professor
Mason, Janet Academic Program Administrator
Mayes, Eric Assistant Professor
McNeal, Liesl Academic Program Coordinator
Napper, Kyuanna Academic Program Coordinator
Pape, Stephen PROFESSOR
Pare-Blagoev, Elizabeth Visiting Assistant Professor
Parker, Carolyn Assistant Professor
Rainer, Paula Visiting Assistant Professor
Ramaswamy, Aparna Visiting Assistant Professor
Rice, Eric Assistant Professor
Riggio, Marsha Visiting Assistant Professor
Sandmel, Karin Assistant Professor
Shamer, Margaret Academic Program Administrator
Shelton, Amy Professor/SoE Assoc. Dean for Research
Shepherd, Pamela Administrative Coordinator
Smith, Henry Assistant Professor
Sowders, R William Assistant Professor
Taylor, Julianne Sr. Academic Program Coordinator
Tillery, Andrea Administrator
Vacca, Monica Program Administrator
Whitelock, Kathryn Sr. Academic Program Coordinator
Office of Business & Financial Services

Banks Smith, Angela Student Accounts Manager
Clements, Jacqueline Sr. HR Coordinator
Covington, Wanda Accountant II
Dorsey, Towanda Student Accounts Coordinator
Elliott, Susanna Senior Research Service Analyst
Goines, Tisa Payroll Specialist
Harvin, Shirley Student Accounts Coordinator
Hurley, William Budget Analyst
Kinsley, Connie HR Manager
Mazziott, Karen Associate Director Finance
Robinson, Patricia Student Accounts Specialist
Stoner, George Payroll Coordinator
Tuminello, Jamie Budget Specialist
Walls, Ella Student Accounts Specialist
Ctr. for Social Organization of Schools

Acampora, Thomas Field Manager
Allen-Brown, Stephani School Transformation Facilitator
Amaral, Roxana school transformation facilitator
Amaris, Genevieve School Transformation Facilitator
Anderson, Kate Program Coordinator
Baker, Jerrell School Transformation Facilitator
Balfanz, Robert Professor
Blount, Tynara School Transformation Facilitator
Bond, Mary Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Brathwaite, Naneka Instructional Facilitator
Browne, Keisha School Transformation Facilitator
Burns, Noelle school transformation facilitator
Byrnes, Vaughan Sr. Research Assistant
Caesar, Christopher Instructional Facilitator
Choto-Castro, Elizabeth school transformation facilitator
Churbock, Ashley School Transformation Facilitator
Clark, Emily Sr. Research Assistant
Cole, Andria Instructional Facilitator
Coleman, Latahshia Instructional Facilitator
Connolly, Faith Assistant Professor
Craig, Hearcel School Transformation Facilitator
Cronister, Curt Research Data Manager
Crump, Alexis Field Manager
Crumpler, Scott Field Manager
Danforth, Janis Administrative Secretary
Davidson, Joyce Senior Research Service Analyst
Davis, Cheree School Transformation Facilitator
Davis, Marcia Assistant Professor
Diaz, Silvia Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Dimario, Linda Secretary
Dines, Ruth Instructional Facilitator
Dorsey, Gwendolyn School Transformation Facilitator
Durham, Rachel Assistant Professor
Durlach, Kathryn Curriculum Developer
Education Staff, Portal29 School Transformation Facilitator
Ekey, Gregory Regional Site Manager
Elmore, Jessica Miss
Epstein, Joyce Professor
Evans, Ann Senior Research Service Analyst
Fennessey, Joanne Mrs.
Fox, Joanna Program Developer
Ginsberg, Ann Marie School Transformation Facilitator
Goodman, Melvyn Instructional Facilitator
Gradet, Howard Materials Development Manager
Grant, Jon LAN Administrator III
Greenfeld, Marsha Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Gross, Diana Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Gubernatis, Elizabeth Mrs.
Hall, Donette Instructional Facilitator
Hamer, Genevieve Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Hancock, Monica School Transformation Facilitator
Herndon, Shana Budget Analyst
Hiteshew, Charles Administrator
Howell, Gregg Communications Coordinator
Hunt, Katrina School Transformation Facilitator
Johnson, Marissa School Transformation Facilitator
Jones, Danny Materials Development Manager
Jones, Leslie Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Jones, Teeshawn School Transformation Facilitator
Jones, Wynette Financial Manager
Jusczyk, Ann Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Kopf, Bozena Instructional Facilitator
Lange-Thernes, Rebecca Academic Program Manager
Lerner, Kenneth Sr. Organizational Facilitator
Lew, Sheryl School Transformation Facilitator
Liljengren, Johann Division Manager
Mac Iver, Martha Associate Professor
Maciver, Douglas Professor
Madden, Tara Regional Site Manager
Maouyo, Ann Curriculum Writer
Maouyo, Myriam Administrative Coordinator
Marsteller, Diana Miss
Martinez Johnson, Ernesto Field Manager
Martinez-Fortun, Orlando School Transformation Facilitator
Martorana, Amanda Website Specialist
Maushard, Mary Communications Associate
McGowan, Lucinda Senior Research Service Analyst
Miller-Takawira, Lenore School Transformation Facilitator
Moore, Alfatah Field Manager
Moore, Derrick School Transformation Facilitator
Mott, Tina Instructional Facilitator
Muhammad, Carlos School Transformation Facilitator
Muskauski, Linda Sr. Program Officer
Nelson, Erica Instructional Facilitator
Nelson, Kathy Division Manager
Nichols, Shelly School Transformation Facilitator
Payne, Rolonda Division Manager
Perez, Jessica Lead Instructional Facilitator
Pierson, Mark Sr. Research Assistant
Pryseski, Charlene Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Ragland, William School Transformation Facilitator
Robinson, Jeffrey Regional Site Manager
Robinson, Van Field Manager
Roe, Teresa Division Manager
Russell, Daniel School Transformation Facilitator
Savino, Jennifer school transformation facilitator
Schwartz, Andrea School Transformation Facilitator
Sellers-Dalcoe, Queenie Regional Site Manager
Sheldon, Steven Associate Professor
Snee, Christine Program Developer
St. Amant, Richard School Transformation Facilitator
Stamos, Nicholas Field Manager
Stauble, Maria School Transformation Facilitator
Thomas, Brenda Sr. Instructional Facilitator
Thomas, Jacqueline school transformation facilitator
Tillotson, Elizabeth Field Manager
Velasco, Daniel Regional Site Manager
Verstraete, Paul Instuctional Facilitator
Vincent, Frederick School Transformation Facilitator
Walker, Felicia Field Manager
Waltemeyer, Maria Sr. Program Officer II
Washington, Dorothy Instructional Facilitator
Wood, Maxine Sr. Operations Manager
Woods, Asante School Transformation Facilitator
Young, Terry Instructional Facilitator
Office of Communications & Public Affairs

Baynham, Erin Website Specialist
Campbell, James Communications Associate
Defusco, David Communications & Marketing Manager
Garner, Amira Sr. Special Events Coordinator
Robertson, John Sr. Graphic Designer

Ungaretti, Antoinette Assistant Dean for Assessment
Campus Operations

Deyo, Jacqueline Director Campus Operations
Hanlon, Janice Budget Specialist
Center for Technology in Education (CTE)

Alexander, Christine PRO MGR/INSTRUCTOR
Blandford, Jennifer Program Quality Specialist
Blandford, William Software Engineer
Bruns, Michelle Program Quality Specialist
Calo, Kristine Assistant Professor
Chong, Jinn Winn Instructional Designer
Dwyer, Jeanne Program Coordinator
Furnary, Sarah Program Quality Specialist
Geller, Deborah Program Quality Specialist
Goldfarb, Renee Program Quality Specialist
Gugliucciello, Veronique INSTRUCTOR
Gumbel, Nancy Program Quality Specialist
Gutierrez, Janneth LAN Administrator
Guttman, Alan Program Manager
Harden, Marvis Administrative Coordinator
Harrington, Alissa Instructional Designer
Hess, Julie Program Quality Specialist
Hopkins, Latosha Project Administrator
Imbach Schmitt, Jennifer Research Service Analyst
Jones, Gail Administrative Coordinator
Jones, Maureen Program Coordinator
Leger, Cecilia Program Quality Specialist
Leins, Bonnie Administrative Coordinator
Lutz, Theresa Program Quality Specialist
Mainzer, Karen Associate Professor
Miller, Patricia Program Quality Specialist
Mull, Elizabeth Program Quality Specialist
Nunn, Jacqueline Professor
Patton, Giselle Project Administrator
Reed, Lisa Sr. Administrative Manager
Reeves, Lisa Project Administrator
Schanbacher, Andrea Project Administrator
Schwartz, Rebecca Program Quality Specialist
Sessums, Christopher Visiting Assistant Professor
Swanson, R Christopher PROGRAM COORDINATOR
Thompson, Kristen Instructor/Program Coordinator
Trexler, Mark Instructor/Program Coordinator
Vann, Angela Program Administrator
Vega-Hernandez, Liana Program Quality Specialist
Williams, Shannon Program Quality Specialist
Wright, Tonya Project Administrator
Cntr for Research & Reform in Education

Baye, Ariane Visiting International Scholar
Chambers, Margaret n/a
Comstock, Beth Program Administrator
Corcoran, Roisin Assistant Professor
Daniels, Cecelia Instructional Designer
Eisinger, Jane Sr. Research Assistant
Lake, Cynthia INSTRUCTOR
Laurenzano, Mary Sr. Research Program Supervisor
Morrison, Jennifer Assistant Professor
Reilly, Joseph Research Assistant
Revie, Pamela Administrative Coordinator
Ross, Steven PROFESSOR
Slavin, Robert PROFESSOR
Toner, Rhianna Research Assistant
Webre, Lauren Research Assistant
Development & Alumni Relations

Chhim, Porthira Foundation Relations Officer
Connolly, Shannon Development Coordinator
Ewing, Michele Associate Dean, External Relations
Landauer, Eleanor Sr. Development Officer
Reynolds, Sarah Administrative Coordinator
Yeager, Jennifer Annual Giving Officer
Division of Public Safety Leadership

Dreisbach, Christopher Associate Professor
Ewald, William Assistant Professor
Greenberg, Sheldon Professor
Herrmann, Carol Academic Program Administrator
McDonald, Phyllis Associate Professor
Pedrick, Tammy Academic Program Coordinator
Talley, Bascom Program Administrator PSL
Ward, Lee Director Public Safety Leadership
E. Balto School & Community Partnerships

Armentrout, Rosemarie Master Teacher
Byrd, Lanae Assistant Teacher Prek
Campbell Anderson, Annette Assistant Professor
Comer, Kathryn Lead Teacher
Cooper, Crystal Assistant Teacher Infant Toddler
Cunningham, Laura Assistant Teacher Infant Toddler
Duffie, Jodi Case Manager
Dwyer, Christina Lead Teacher
Faxon, Emily Research Assistant
Fields, Elenora Assistant Teacher Prek
Fraser, Claire Lead Teacher
Gibbs, Carolyn Assistant Teacher Infant Toddler
Gilliam, Ali Lead Teacher
Gyimah, Christiana Clinical Social Work Manager
Hayes, Tara Case Manager
Henson, Barbara Lead Teacher
Lawal, Dolapo Lead Teacher
Matthews, June Master Teacher
Moore, Denai Lead Teacher
Nelson, Qianna Program Manager
Norris, Monique Case Manager
Parker, Saudah Lead Teacher
Patel, Rakesh Facilities Coordinator
Perkins, Tracey Lead Teacher
Qureshi, Lubna Assistant Teacher Prek
Salley, Shirley Assistant Teacher Infant Toddler
Sanders, Theresa Assistant Teacher Infant Toddler
Scott, Eboni Lead Teacher
Scott, William Instructional Coach
Sogge, Elizabeth Research Data Analyst
Stokes, Tammy Lead Teacher
Taylor, Inez Assistant Teacher Infant Toddler
Urquhart, Glynnis Lead Teacher
Whitfield, Shantell Assistant Teacher Prek
Whitfield-Gamble, Shannon Lead Teacher
Educational Policy Institute

Berner, Ashley Assistant Professor
Steiner, David Professor
Enrollment Services

Evans, Rhodri Director Enrollment Services

Lancaster, Kristina Language and Literacy Project Coach Coordinator
Office of Finance and Administration

Rice, Debbie Associate Dean, Finance & Administration
Online Teaching and Learning

Abras, Chadia Assoc. Prof/Assoc. Dean, OTL
Bondrole, Regis Multimedia Designer
Gasior, Angela Administrative Coordinator
McNally, John Instructional Designer
Pearson, Laurie Instructional Designer
Rogers, Robyn Instructional Technologist
Schnupp, Donna Instructional Designer
Simmonds, Keris Instructional Designer
Sun, Sa Instructional Designer
Teach for America

Hollick, Deborah Director
McCreary, Elizabeth Academic Program Manager
Prado, Natalie Academic Program Coordinator
Vaught, Nicholas Assistant Director, Curriculum
Wheeler, Sagirah Academic Program Coordinator

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